How do we get paid?

Our independence means we only work for our Clients.  As a consequence we only offer a fee-based service, reassuring our Clients that we will only provide impartial advice. Naturally this means only our Clients can pay us.

This means it is important for you and us to feel confident that our relationship will add value to your financial affairs.  This value comes partially from peace of mind as well as more quantifiable sources such as reducing portfolio fees, more efficient portfolio performance and possible tax savings.

Typically we would agree a project and possibly a Planning fee for the initial work.  This would vary according to the complexity and amount of the work involved.

The first meeting is at our expense and we would always agree with you, in writing, our fee before starting any chargeable work.

We would normally expect to have an ongoing relationship with Clients, and this is often paid for via a fee based on the assets we advise on, although monthly retainers are becoming increasingly popular, and we are happy with either.  Again, we would agree the type and level of fee before committing either party to any engagement.

We are careful to work with a limited number of Clients. This allows us to ensure a high level of service to our Clients, and still have time to help new clients with any transition or choices they need to make.



We hope you found some insight to the work we do here at Perceptive Planning. If you would like to find out how we can make a Perceptive difference to your financial affairs please submit your details below or call us on 0207 117 2084 and we would be happy to help. With offices in London and Essex we are happy to meet at either location.