Case Studies

Successful Singles

Look at any Financial Services website and the ‘stock’ photos of a silver haired couple surrounded by dating grandchildren is […]

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Moving between Countries

The clients had been successful in South Africa, and had worked with a Financial Planner there. Over time, their children had […]

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Managed Retreat

The clients had been very successful in life, and should have been comfortable in Retirement. Unfortunately, previous Advisers had seen […]

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When DIY is too risky

As with many of our clients, these particular clients are bright, educated and well capable of managing their affairs. In […]

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Working with the next generation – keeping it in the family

We became aware very soon after launching Perceptive Planning that many of our clients have achieved their wealth by the […]

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Trusts – more than just good Tax Planning

For many commentators , Trusts are all about Tax. In fact, the UK system of Trusts predates our tax system […]

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