What our Clients and Partners say about us

“It is not difficult to work out that your investment strategy seems to suit our needs ideally – indeed, that is why we are with you; we continue to feel very comfortable and can see no need to change.

Our general comment about your services is that your team is generally quick, consistent and reliable. As stated above, what you are offering is exactly what we want – boring stability is very good for us, and permits us to deal with other matters like enjoying ourselves, knowing that our investment package is in good and safe hands.

Many thanks to both of you for your continued support.”

Mr and Mrs A, Somerset

“I get a personalised, efficient and friendly service that I understand, with a named individual with whom I meet face to face at least once a year, in charge of my affairs.”

Ms SF, London

“As a client the things I value about Perceptive are:
1. You are independent of providers or other organisations so your success depends on achieving results for your clients
2. There is transparency in your reports and arrangements with the custodian
3. You are thorough
4. You are responsive and generally very fast
5. You explain things clearly
6. You are willing to listen to your clients’ views
7. You handled the very difficult transition from (last adviser) very well and were tenacious where appropriate on behalf of your clients
8. You are very clear on what fees are being charged and by whom
9. You are prepared to prod if your clients have not done their homework.
10. So far the results have been good.”

Ms LF London

“Perceptive provides the personal touch in financial advice.”

Ms A K Essex

“Working with Perceptive and their Clients has been a pleasure. Perceptive clearly enjoy strong relationships with all their Clients as a result of their dedication and commitment to those Clients, which has been evident throughout the process.”

Alan Hughes Partner, Foot Anstey Exeter

“Professional and efficient to deal with and over a service which my clients are both pleased and satisfied with.”

Chartered Tax Adviser, Essex
Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Shannon Currie, London

The aim of the VouchedFor website is to assist people who may be looking for an Independent Adviser and would prefer to hear directly from our actual clients about what they think of our services and how we do what we do – what we do well and not so well.

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We hope you found some insight to the work we do here at Perceptive Planning. If you would like to find out how we can make a Perceptive difference to your financial affairs please submit your details below or call us on 0207 117 2084 and we would be happy to help. With offices in London and Essex we are happy to meet at either location.