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Whilst we are all trying to adjust to this ‘new normal’, we are trying to stay as close to the ‘old normal’ as we can. So we’re all working hard, we’re all on email, and phone messages will reach us.

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Welcome to Perceptive Planning – an Independent Chartered Financial Planning firm

Everyone has dreams, objectives and goals that they would like to achieve in life. To achieve these we must usually plan for them. Money is then simply one – but an important one – of the tools available to help you accomplish our goals.

Using an evidence- and academic-based investment philosophy to underpin proper, structured Financial Planning, we at Perceptive Planning will work with you to help you be more confident about your future.

About Us
We offer independence, wisdom, hard won experience and deep technical ability.
Meet the team
Client Services is at the heart of what we do.
We only work for our Clients. We are only paid by our clients in return for our advice and the work we agree with you.
Who are our Clients?
Typically our Clients are at a point of change in their lives, and are looking for high quality Financial Planning and Advice.
What is Financial Planning?
Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions.
World Citizens
We have first-hand experience of being part of an increasingly global society.

Our Aim

Our aim is simply to work with you to cut through the complexity of the world of finance to enable you to feel secure about your future, whilst minimising your risks wherever possible.

We are consistently listed in the Top 100 advice firms in the UK, as well as being one of a small minority of firms who have achieved both Chartered and Accredited Firms status. In short, we believe you can be confident you are dealing with one of the UK’s leading Financial Planning firms.

We never forget who our Client is. Our proud boast is that your voice is your security key – if we don’t recognise your voice, we have too many Clients!

A bold statement – but we work closely with our clients to ensure this remains true.

Guiding Principles

Our relationships with our Clients are built on trust. Trust depends on there being no conflict of interest.

This means:

We are completely Independent of any Fund Manager, Investment Company or any other service we could advise you to buy, sell or hold.
We regard ourselves as having a Fiduciary Duty to our Clients. We subscribe to and endorse all Codes of Ethics produced by our Professional bodies and the Regulator.
We are a Fee based practice. This means that the only payment we receive is a fee from you for the work and advice we agree with you.
In the unlikely event of a conflict of interest arising, we would seek to resolve the position in a spirit of openness and to your satisfaction.
What is Financial Planning and how do you select a Financial Planner?

Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances. Read more here to learn what to look for in a Financial Planner.

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“I get a personalised, efficient and friendly service that I understand, with a named individual with whom I meet face to face at least once a year, in charge of my affairs.”

We hope you found some insight to the work we do here at Perceptive Planning. If you would like to find out how we can make a Perceptive difference to your financial affairs please submit your details below or call us on 0207 117 2084 and we would be happy to help. With offices in London and Essex we are happy to meet at either location.